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Nameú║ LPD1886 led strip
Modelú║ GE42RGB1886A
Specú║ DC5V,42leds/m,4096 brightess level

Model No. GE42RGB1886A (non-waterproof)
                 GE42RGB1886C (IP67 waterproof)
í˝ Working Voltage: DC5V
í˝ Led QTY:  42leds/M
í˝ Led Type: SMD5050
í˝ IC Type:  42pcs LPD1886 IC
í˝ Pixel QTY: 42pixels/m ,each led addressable
í˝ Dimension: 5000mm*16.0mm*4mm (waterproof)
í˝ PCB Color:White color
í˝ working with PIC,ARM,and arduino microcontrollers
í˝ Power Consumption: Max 12.6W/M
í˝ Brightness Level: 4096 level
í˝ Emitting Color: RGB/W/R/G/B/other single color
í˝ Waterproof IP grade:silicon tube IP67/ non-waterproof

LPD1886 led strip datasheet download address: https://www.box.com/s/pdvtvdvygdfr6s0m2ni8  

LPD1886 Chips datasheet download address:

PS: The LPD8806 led strip working with SD card controller with LEDEDIT2013 software

Video show:

online view address 1ú║http://youtu.be/ilyJ3-AfES4

online view address 2:  http://youtu.be/QY2QqrFPsC8

1m 42leds LPD1886 video download address 1: https://www.box.com/s/wo4bxg405hq6k3b9ofd1

1m 42leds LPD1886 video download address 2: https://www.box.com/s/tx37bz13qqyzxanm0iv0

Refer Picture:

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