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How to choose digital pixel led neon Flex?

Time:2023-05-29 Views:385
Individually controllable neon flex are becoming increasingly popular in the field of indoor and outdoor scene decoration
It has advantages such as yellowing resistance, UV resistance, salt alkali resistance, high temperature resistance,
uniform luminescence, and no light spots, and can shape different shapes.

How to choose correct addressable neon led flex?
Step 1: learning the difference between Top bending neon housing and Side bending neon housing.
Top bending: LED emitting direction and neon housing emitting driection are parallel as below diagram.
Side bending: LED emitting direction and neon housing emitting direction are vertical as below diagram.
It is very important to choose correct neon bending direction for your projects.

Step 2: How to choose the correct neon housing size after confirming neon bending direction?
if the installation space is limited, Please measure the width and height of installation space. Ensure that the space
is able to clamp the neon housing tightly.
Neon housing section width+1mm=The width of installation space.
Neon housing section height=The height of installation space.
if installation space is enough, You‘d better install larger neon housing with aluminum clips or aluminum profile.
The larger neon housing can show the better effect.

Step 3:  How many leds/m or pixel/m should we choose after we confirming the section size of neon housing?
 We advice side bending neon housing with 60leds/m at least, Top bending smaller neon housing with 120leds/m at least,
 Top bending bigger neon housing with 96leds/m at least.Anyway, the denser the lights, the better the effect. 

Neon housing code Bending direction Section size(W*H) Min leds/m
S1023 Side Bending 10*23mm 60leds/m
S1220 Side Bending 12*20mm 60leds/m
S1018 Side bending 10*18mm 72leds/m
T1616 Top bending 16*16mm 96leds/m
T1212 Top bending 12*12mm 120leds/m
T1315 Top bending 13*15mm 120leds/m

The final goal is dot free. we advice choose leds/m as above table.

Step 4: Please E-mail Neon housing code or section size to sales@gree-leds.com. Then Greeled enginner can confirm PCB width 
to see if it is correct. or open new PCB to make customization led strip for neon housing Flex

Optional digital individually controllable neon flex link:https://www.gree-leds.com/led-neon-tape/

Other FAQ

Q:What‘s IP Rating of digital neon Flex?
A:IP67 Rating

Q: What‘s Optional Emitting color of addressable neon Flex?
A: Single color/RGB/RGBW/WWA etc

Q: What‘s optional SPI IC protocol or DMX IC Protocl?
A: SPI protocol: WS2811,UCS1903,SK6812,SK6813,UCS2904B,UCS8904B,SM16703P,SM16704,GE1603R,GE1604N,GS8208 etc
     DMX Protocol:UCS512C3,UCS512C4,SM18512PS

Q:How to choose working voltage?
A: we advice DC12V or 24V,it make surely the smaller voltage-drop.

Q: What‘s length of digital led neon Flex?
A: Standard length 5M

Q: What‘s optional lead wire connection direction?
A: Front entry,side entry (left or right)

Q:What‘s optional mounting way?
A: Aluminum clips and screw or Aluminum extrusion.

Q:What‘s optional lead wire?
A: Bare wire, Black shealth wire, waterproof connector.

Individually addressale pixel flex neon application
•  Decorative lighting and Linear lighting
•  Stage festival events
•  Indoor and outdoor decoration.


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