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APA-GE IC Built-in led

16bit Pixel led,27khz PWM Frequency

    ■ RGB Chips and IC are integrated in one SMD5050 package as one pixel.Built in various function circuit units.
    ■ Clock and data dual signal SPI Protocol,It is compatible with APA102
    ■ The PWM scanning frequency up to 27KHz.
    ■ It can support data  rate 20Mbps at max 40Mhz Clock frequency
    ■ Double dimming function,64bit data frame, 5bit for dimming whole Red brightness, 5bit for dimming whole Green brightness,
    5bit for dimming whole Blue brightness, 3*16bit 65536 grayscale to fixed color.
    ■ Input voltage DC5V,Default output current 17mA Per color.
    ■No signal input when power on,No light.

    M/N Package Volt Power Emitting Color Fpwm Data Rate bit/color Grayscale Qty/Reel
    APA102HB5050 SMD5050-PLCC6 DC5V 0.3w RGB 27khz 20Mbps 16bit 65536 1000pcs

    Remark: Details Please download datasheet.
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