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No peeling wire Junction

1.Fast operation wiring can save time, effort, simplicity, speed and cost.

 2.No peeling, no exposed conductors, excellent current carrying, eliminate potential safety hazards.

 3.Adopt multi peare isulating and clamp locking structure,ensure solid fixing,no fall off, enhance safe, avoid electric arc

 4.Conductors are one-to-one connected, isolated by plastic,avoid short connection, make wiring more normative, friendly for future maintenance

5.good Generality, compatibale to various cables like single solid, strand, soft cable, etc. 

    1. D1,H2,T1,T2 Four series
    2. Red&Bllack color/ waterclear&Black color available
    3. D end Conductor cross section:0.35 mm²~0.5 mm²
    4. G end Conductor cross section:0.5 mm²~0.75 mm²
    5.wire diameter (including insulation):Φ1.5 mm~Φ 2.1mm
    6. Rated current less than 10A
    7. Working ambient temperature: - 20 ~85 degree
    8. Package 100Pcs/Bag

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