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Power Supplier

Non-waterproof power supplier

1.AC110-240V Input

2. Fanless design

3.Wide working temperature range 

4.High efficiency up to 90% 

5.Complete protection

6.most economical models
    DC12V/24V Series
    M/N Input Voltage Output Voltage Ouput current 
    at DC12/24V   
    Wattage size N.W
    S-60 AC110-240V DC12V/24V 5.0A/2.5A 60W 111*78*36mm 320g
    S-100 AC110-240V DC12V/24V 8.5A/4.25A 100W 159*98*38mm 500g
    S-200 AC110-240V DC12V/24V 16.6A/8.3A 200W 199*98*38mm 650g
    S-300 AC110-240V DC12V/24V 25A/12.5A 300W 215*115*50mm 950g
    S-350 AC110-240V DC12V/24V 29A/14.5A 350W 215*115*50mm 1200g
    S-480 AC110-240V DC12V/24V 40A/20A 480W 238*124*65mm 1300g
    S-600 AC110-240V DC12V/24V 50A/25A 600W 238*124*65mm 1600g
    Remark: maximum load 80% Rated power, never operate at full load

    DC5V Series
    M/N Input Voltage Output Voltage Ouput current    Wattage size N.W
    S-60-5 AC110-240V DC5V 12A 60W 160*96*36mm 320g
    S-100-5 AC110-240V DC5V 20A 100W 198*97*42mm 500g
    S-200-5 AC110-240V DC5V 40A 200W 198*97*42mm 650g
    S-300-5 AC110-240V DC5V 60A 300W 215*115*50mm 950g
    S-350-5 AC110-240V DC5V 70A 350W 215*115*50mm 1000g
    Remark: maximum load 80% Rated power, never operate at full load
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