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RGBW|RGBY Digital strip

RGBTW five color Pixel led tape

    1. Input Voltage DC24V, Single data signal control.
    2. Emitting color:RGB+WW(2400-2600k)+CW(6000-6500K)
    3. 60leds/m, 10pixel/m, 6leds=1Pixel
    4. 10mm white/black PCB,100mm Cutting unit. 
    5. FW1906 IC, Fpwm=2.6khz,support 800kbps data rate.
    6. IP rating :IP20,IP65,IP67,IP68 available
    7. Both ends wired with 150mm/5.9" 20Awg wire and JST 3Pin male/female connector
    8. Standard length: 5m/Reel

    M/N IP Rating L*W*H(mm) Input voltgae leds/m Pixel/m watt/m Fpwm Emiting color Lm/M
    GE60RGBTW1906A24 IP20 5000*10*2.5mm 24V 60 10 18w/m 2.6khz RGB+TW R:120 G:300
    GE60RGBTW1906B24 IP65 5000*10*3.0mm 24V 60 10 18w/m 2.6khz RGB+TW B:90
    GE60RGBTW1906C24 IP67 5000*12*4.0mm 24V 60 10 18w/m 2.6khz RGB+TW WW:340
    GE60RGBTW1906D24 IP68 5000*12*4.5mm 24V 60 10 18w/m 2.6khz RGB+TW CW:390

    Note: FW1906 IC data format and Timing please download FW1906 IC datasheet. The led strip details Please download datahsheet.

    led strip color order W-WW-G-R-B  ( IC‘ output B2 is empty)

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