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White | WWA Digital strip

12V single pixel led strip white

    1. The upgrated version of old ws2811,ucs1903 strips, Adding Breakpoint signal continuouslly function.
        Input Voltage DC12V, single signal (DI) control. Each led addressable
    2. Signal breakpoint transmission, any fault pixel won‘t affect signal transmission ,unless two consecutive adjacent fault LED.
    3. SPI Protocol compatible with UCS1903,WS2811,GS8208 etc popular protocol.
     Emitting Color Code: C20(2000-2200K), C24(2400-2700K), C28(2800-3200k),C40(4000-4500k), C60(6000-6500K)
    5. Optional PCB color: white or black
    6. 20.8mm/0.82",16.7mm/0.66" intervals cutting point
    7. IP Rating: IP20 Non-waterproof/IP65 Glue sealing /IP67 hollow silicon sleeve /IP68 Solid glue with silicon sleeve available.
    8. Both ends wired with 150mm/5.9" 20Awg wire and JST 4Pin male/female connector
    9. 3M adhensive tape stick on the back of non-waterproof version.
    10. Controller System:SD controller , DMX controller , Artnet.
    11.Standard length,5meter/Reel

    M/N L*W*H (mm) Input Voltage Pixel/m Cutting unit Optional color Code CRI SPI Protocol PCB width Watt/m
    GE48W8808A 5000*10*2.5mm DC12V 48 20.8mm C20/24/28/40/60 90+ GS8208 10mm 11.5w/m
    GE60W8808A 5000*12*2.5mm DC12V 60 16.6mm C20/24/28/40/60 90+ GS8208 12mm 14w/m

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