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White | WWA Digital strip

24V individually-controllable WWA led tape

    1. New design,The circuit adopts a reliable scheme.
    2. Single ended power input,10M without voltage-drop.
    3. DC12-24V Input,Each led addressable.
    4. SK6812 IC embedded in SMD5050 WWA LED. 1LED=1Pixel.
    5. 60pixel/m,100mm/3.937"intervals cutting point.
    6. Max 14.0W/M, WWA Color,IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68 available.
    7. White PCB/Black PCB available,The PCB thickness is 3oz.
    8. 3M adhensive tape stick on the back of non-waterproof version.
    9. Controller System:SD controller,DMX controller,Artnet.
    10.DC36V customized version available.

    M/N size/mm
    IP Rate Voltage Led Typa IC Protocol Leds/m Pixel/m Luminous/m View Angle Watt/m
    GE60WWA6812A24N 10000*12*2.0 IP20 DC12-24V SMD5050 SK6812 60 60 WW 375Lm/m 120 Max 14.0w/m
    GE60WWA6812B24N 5000*12*3.0 IP65 DC12-24V SMD5050 SK6812 60 60 CW 390Lm/m 120 Max 14.0w/m
    GE60WWA6812C24N 10000*14*3.5 IP67 DC12-24V SMD5050 SK6812 60 60 Amber 190Lm/m 120 Max 14.0w/m
    GE60WWA6812D24N 5000*14*4.0 IP68 DC12-24V SMD5050 SK6812 60 60
    120 Max 14.0w/m

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