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APA-GE IC Built-in led

12V Pixel led RGB

    ●The control circuit and RGB chips are integrated in one SMD5050 package as one pixel,Built in various of function units.
    ●Adopt led chips in series design,Default current 9mA,Improve energy efficiency.
    ●12V single pixel addressable,Improve Voltage-drop Issue.
    ●It have backup data to prevent signal interrupt.(Break-Point resume function)
    ●The PWM Scanning Frequency up to 8khz
    ●Each color 8bit,256 Gray scale, 256*256*256=16777216 true color display.
    ●Data transmission rate up to 800kbps
    ●The pixel cascades number is not less than 1024 pixels at 30 frame per second.
    ●The data transmit base on SPI Communication protocol

    M/N Appearance Color Package Volt Power Emitting color Fpwm Data  Rate QTY/Reel
    GE8808B white color SMD5050-PLCC6 12V 0.15w RGB 8Khz 800kbps 1k
    GE8808B-B black color SMD5050-PLCC6 12V 0.15W RGB 8Khz 800kbps 1k

    Details please download datasheet.
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